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Token Sale Activity Tracker

The Smith + Crown Token Sale Activity Tracker is a comprehensive view of all known public and private token sales and ICOs. It is a resource for industry stakeholders, journalists, and interested parties to understand the history and rapid growth of this novel fundraising mechanism. This is updated on an ongoing basis as data are confirmed.

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Amount Raised (USD)
Number of Sales

Token Sale Funds Raised (Jan 2017+)

Largest Historical Raises

The ten largest token sales listed to the right account for  34.72%  of the total funds raised to date. The total is computed as the aggregate of funds raised across all sales recorded.

  1. $4,177,107,587
  2. $1,700,000,000
  3. $1,000,000,000
  4. $575,000,000
  5. $262,000,000
  6. $258,000,000
  7. $234,000,000
  8. $157,885,825
  9. $148,000,000
  10. $144,000,000


This includes all sales that raised over $25,000 and did not return funds to initial backers. We attempt to verify all raise amounts using on-chain analysis and official statements from the project, though these results cannot always be completely corroborated. Self-described ‘pre-sales’ are typically combined with primary sale rounds unless the sale terms differ significantly, based on factors other than token price or discount. Sales separated by more than 30 days are considered separate sales for the same project. In the above chart, results of the year-long EOS token sale are counted separately for each month. All amounts raised in cryptocurrency are converted to USD using the relevant exchange rate at the end of the sale.