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Cut Through the Noise And Identify Value

Smith + Crown Intelligence (SCI) is a broad capture of the blockchain and cryptofinance industry, with focused attention on the projects with the most promise and momentum, referred to as Signal.

The SCI team looks at projects across dozens of fundamental attributes to determine Signal projects. Signal takes many forms and the SCI platform works to provide powerful and intuitive tools to identify it.

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Access to Powerful Tools and Expert Resources

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Signal Analysis

Detailed profiles, analysis, deep dive research, live market data and news for top projects as they emerge.

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Research Team

SCI lets you set directives and access a vast repository of highly independent research.

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Industry Insights

Topical research, curated news, summaries and insights crossing all industry verticals within the blockchain ecosystem.

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SCI Features

Signal Analysis and Identification

Our goal is to separate high quality projects from industry noise and hype. Our Research team considers dozens of fundamental attributes and key metrics before including a new project into our index of Signal projects.

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Asset Dashboard

A filterable database of projects and companies that make up the blockchian and cryptofinance industry, complete with professional analysis and live market data, and consistently updated as new projects come online.

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Project Profiles

Smith + Crown analysis and deep dive reporting, interactive live and historical market data and related news, wrapped in a profile that is updated regularly as projects pivot and grow.

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Research Directives

Research directives are available via an enterprise subscription. For more information please contact us.

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Frontier Research Reports

Smith + Crown has a rich history of providing free research as a service to the industry, and will continue to do so. Look for asset deep dives, industry analysis, annual and quarterly industry reviews and trend reporting.

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Analyst Newsfeed

A curated list of the most worthwhile stories from the industry — updated daily.

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