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Research and Advisory Services

The Smith + Crown team has been studying the fields of blockchain and cryptoeconomics since 2013. Since then, we have gained deep experience designing, evaluating, and deploying single and multi-token ecosystems, helping startup teams construct their network launches, products, and go-to-market strategies as well as helping larger corporate partners develop their ideas based on the current state of feasibility and public blockchain infrastructure. We believe that the window of opportunity to launch the next generation of impactful projects and startup companies has, at this moment in time, never been more exciting. We are always looking for the next challenge on our horizon and our team has decades of corporate consulting experience and have collectively helped launch dozens of successful startups.

Research and Advisory

Smith + Crown offers a range of bespoke and private research engagements, reports and research directives, as well as advisory engagements around research, product development, strategy or cryptoeconomics and incentive design. Our team has a unique depth of expertise and experience in blockchain, digital asset and cryptoeconomic research as well as a track record of working with teams across the globe. Please contact us to discuss further.

Research Directives and Project Submission

Smith + Crown offers different structured research products. Research Directives, one such offering, allow for users to commission a variety of report styles and depths on a project or topic of their choosing. This report is then developed independently by the Smith + Crown research team and published on SCI to all users. This is valuable in supporting the development of independent research, enabling access and adoption, and helping to highlight research on projects or topics of interest. It is important to note that a Research Directive allows only for the selection of the topic and basic form, and does not allow for any form of editorial oversight or control over distribution. The reports are developed independently, and the information of the commissioning user(s) is not communicated to the research team.

Cryptoasset Report

Cryptoasset Reports are lengthy reports that look at projects from a comprehensive set of viewpoints including protocol details, governance mechanisms, incentive design, and target market. These are polished reports with a variety of visualizations, charts and diagrams, and whenever possible involve direct communication with the project team across a range of project aspects. These are highly effective tools when trying to closely evaluate a project, either as an individual or for a large group, or when looking for a third party perspective to help with objective materials.

LENGTH Typically 12 to 30+ pages
EXAMPLES 0x, Decred, Ampleforth
PRICING Contact Us
Project Report

Project reports are polished research pieces that typically include at least one designed form of visualization or explanatory diagram. These reports are both a look at the project - what it is and what it’s setting out to accomplish as well as a high level look at challenges and opportunities facing the project given the current industry landscape and materials. These are lighter versions of the Cryptoasset reports that provide a good understanding of the project and its potential place in the industry, but do not involve direct team interviews or in-depth analysis.

LENGTH Typically 5 to 12 pages
PRICING Contact Us
Asset Profile

Asset profiles are complete profiles that cover a projects overall purpose, mechanisms, and token model. These profiles do not include the active analysis found in the reports, but do provide a thoughtful, accessible and independent summary of project functions, goals, and key aspects.

LENGTH Typically 1 to 5 pages
PRICING Contact Us
Project Processing and Listing / Support Research Access

There is never a fee to submit a project to SCI for basic inclusion, however those looking for guaranteed turnaround on processing, or simply looking to support SCI and research access can receive expedited and priority processing. We ultimately process all requests but cannot guarantee a timeline.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not offer any form of marketing or advertising services or advertorial/promotional content.